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Shipping Evidence

The Crime Lab’s mailing address is:
State of Alaska Scientific Crime Detection Laboratory
4805 Doctor Martin Luther King Jr. Ave.
Anchorage, AK 99507
*All items submitted to the lab must be accompanied by the current version (July/15/2019) of the Request for Laboratory Services (RLS) form and all items must be properly packaged and sealed (see Evidence Submission Tips). Failure to follow these guidelines will result in delays.

When shipping evidence to the lab, it is vital to maintain proper chain of custody. To maintain reasonable control over evidence transmitted in this manner, evidence must be shipped using a traceable delivery method. USPS Certified or Registered Mail, FedEx, UPS, and Goldstreak are all suitable. It is highly recommended that you require a signature for delivery and/or request a return receipt.  Shipping evidence to the lab using any of the above shipping methods with a tracking number allows for an electronic record of the various stages of transit.

  • Complete and print the Request for Laboratory Services (RLS) form(s)
  • Ensure that all items are properly packaged and sealed
  • Place items and RLS(s) inside a box that is of sufficient size and strength for the items. Add additional packing material if needed.

  • Do not seal the RLS form inside of evidence items – evidence is not opened until analysis, and the form is required for case entry into our Laboratory Information Management System before analysis can begin.



If you have any questions regarding shipping, proper packaging & seals, or how to use the RLS; please contact the Evidence Section at 907-269-8120 or