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Crime Scene Response

The Crime Scene Unit (CSU) has been established to respond to calls for crime scene assistance requests from law enforcement agencies within the state. Forensic scientists stationed in Anchorage provide technical support to agencies in the documentation, collection, and processing of evidence at crime scenes.
Responsibilities of the CSU
  • Responding in an expeditious manner to minimize the loss of evidence.
  • Assisting in the processing of the crime scene by the recognition, collection, and preservation of pertinent physical evidence.
  • Documenting the crime scene in an appropriate manner, including photography, use of chemicals, and note-taking.
  • Providing the requesting agency with a written report and photographs.
  • Providing expert testimony.
Callout Procedure
These criteria are obviously not exhaustive and consideration of appropriate response will depend both on the nature of the case, the needs of the requesting agency, and the availability of Forensic Scientists.
Response Criteria
  • Homicides
  • Kidnapping
  • Sexual Assaults
  • Major Assaults/shootings
  • Officer Involved Shootings
  • Other crimes as warranted by circumstance and resources  
Criteria for Non-Attendance:
  • Simple scenes where verbal directions on evidence collection and preservation can be given to a case officer/investigator.
  • Thefts or burglaries
  • Stolen Vehicles
Whenever appropriate, response will be scheduled for normal business hours. Examples of this would be vehicles which have been secured and impounded or are in police custody.
Before responding to any request, the requesting agency must have secured the scene and obtained a valid search warrant or otherwise legal permission to examine the scene.  Forensic Scientists will only process scenes that are secured and protected by the investigating law enforcement agency.
If you would like the on call crime scene response phone number please contact the Crime Scene Supervisor,
Kirk Wilcoxson at 907-269-5685 or via email at
Crime Scene procedure manuals are located in a tab under the Quality Assurance section of the webpage. They can be accessed by clicking here.
Choose the appropriate Evidence Type and follow the listed link:

Forensic Biology Evidence Collection and Packaging:

Firearms and Toolmarks Evidence Collection and Packaging:

Latent Prints Evidence Collection and Packaging:

Footwear Impressions Evidence Collection and Packaging:

Controlled Substances Evidence Collection and Packaging:

Blood and Beverage Alcohol Evidence Collection and Packaging:

How do I get training on Crime Scene Processing?

  • Contact the Crime Scene Technical Lead, Jamie Nading at 907-269-5547 or via email at

I need a consult about processing my crime scene. Who can I call?

  • Contact the On Call Crime Scene Phone at 907-717-6161.

What laboratory services should I request on my evidence?