Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some frequently asked questions about the VPSO program.
Village Public Safety Officers are dedicated public safety professionals who provide community policing, rural fire protection, safety education, law enforcement services, emergency medical services, and search and rescue coordination in rural Alaskan communities. A VPSO often serves in a community as the only public safety official and is generally the first responder on calls for service and assistance in their communities.
A VPSO is employed by a nonprofit regional corporation, Alaska Native organization or municipality. For more information on the VPSO employers, go here.
No, however law enforcement oversight is provided by the Alaska State Troopers. A VPSO works for the nonprofit regional corporation, Alaska Native organization or municipality which employs them.
A VPSO training program includes Alaska criminal and procedural law, police procedures, domestic violence and sexual assault prevention and response procedures, emergency trauma technician training, search and rescue and rural fire protection specialist training. Additional continuing education can be available during a VPSO's career. 

VPSO minimum qualifications are set in Alaska regulations, 13 AAC 96.080, go to VPSO Qualifications to learn more.

Persons interested in becoming a Village Public Safety Officer should contact the employing organizations, here.