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Village Public Safety Officer Division

First Responders - Last Frontier

The Village Public Safety Officer (VPSO) Division administers grants for regional VPSO programs that provide Alaskan communities with public safety support services.

In communities associated with a VPSO program, citizens receive immediate response to emergencies without delays caused by weather or distance. VPSOs work closely with Alaska State Troopers, and provide emergency medical response, search and rescue operations, fire prevention and suppression, disaster preparedness  and response, public safety education, and community policing.

A VPSO is generally the first to respond to many calls for help from community members; hence their motto, "First Responders‐Last Frontier".

Funding for a VPSO program is provided by the Alaska legislature to the Department of Public Safety (DPS) under Alakas Statute (AS) §18.65.670-688 and Alaska Administrative Code 13 AAC Chapter 96. These laws and regulations provide the guidelines on the administration of the program.