Outside of Alaska

Alaska provides special concealed carry permits to qualified persons. Many of the states have agreed that a permit issued in another state is valid in their state. These reciprocity agreements are for non-permanent visits to the other state.
Alaska's laws do not apply outside of Alaska. An Alaska permit holder may be allowed to carry concealed in a reciprocal state, but any restrictions or laws specific to the individual states must be respected. Alaska permits are not valid in any other country. The laws of the other country must be understood and followed.
An Alaska permit holder who permanently moves from Alaska to another state must comply with the laws of the other state for obtaining a concealed carry permit in that state.

Before travelling to another state

The states do not all have the same laws!

All states do not reciprocate with Alaska!

The Alaska Concealed Handgun permit holder is responsible for understanding the laws and regulations of each state to which they will travel. Some states don't recognize permits, require registration, or do not allow individual ownership of some types of weapons. The permit holder is responsible for their compliance with the other state's laws and regulations about firearms and concealed carry. A list of the other states, their agreement status, and internet sources of information is at: Reciprocity