Concealed Handgun Permits

To obtain a new permit:

Before applying for a permit, please read Alaska Statutes 18.65.700 through 18.65.790 and Alaska Regulations 13 AAC 30.010 through 13 AAC 30.900 (also in the resources tab). An applicant who supplies false statements, answers to questions, or documents may be prosecuted for unsworn falsification. Fees for a permit are not refundable if the permit requirements are not satisfied.

The applicant must, in summary:

  • Be 21 years old or older.
  • Be an Alaska resident and have lived in the state for more than 90 days
  • Be eligible under federal and state regulations to possess a firearm.
  • Not been convicted of two or more Class A misdemeanors of Alaska or similar laws in any other jurisdiction within the six years immediately preceding the application.
  • Not be currently under order nor in the three years immediately preceding the application have been under order to complete an alcohol or substance abuse treatment program.
  • Successfully complete an approved handgun competency course within the 12 months prior to the application
  • Prepare their application in writing on the provided forms, and deliver the application in person. The information must be personally attested.
  • Submit fingerprint, photograph, current demographic date, and identifying data.
  • Pay the appropriate fees for the permit being requested -- $87.00 for an initial permit. Fees are not refundable if the permit is not approved.

To renew, replace, or update a permit:

Renewal:  Alaska concealed carry permits are valid for up to five years.  The permit expires on the holder’s birthday in the fifth year after issue.  Depending on when the birthday falls in relation to when the permit is issued, the actual duration of the permit may be somewhat less than 5 full years.

Permits may be renewed beginning 90 days before their expiration date. 

The fee for renewals accomplished during the 90 day window before the permit expires is $25. 

Renewals are late if they are made after the permit has expired.  A late renewal may be made up to 60 days after expiration.  The late renewal fee is $50.

Permits may not be renewed after 60 days in expiration.  If the holder desires a permit after 60 days, the “new permit” process must be completed, including completion of a competency course.

Renewal forms are available for download under the “Forms” tab.  The renewal form must be completed and signed, and must be accompanied by payment of fees and a new photograph.  The renewal form may be submitted by mail or in person. 

There is no requirement to return the expired permit to the permit office.

Replacement:  A lost or damaged permit that is still within its valid duration may be replaced by completing the replacement request form and submitting it, payment and a new photograph.  The form may be filled in online, or is available for download in the “forms” tab.  If the form is filled in online, it must still be printed out for an original signature and submitted in hardcopy.  The form must be submitted in person to an office of the Department of Public Safety or to a municipal police agency that is authorized to accept the forms.  

The fee for replacing a permit is $25.

There is no requirement to return the damaged permit to the permit office.

Update:  Changes of information on a valid permit must be reported in writing to the Department of Public Safety within 30 days after the change.

A Written form can include email or letter, and it can be faxed, mailed, emailed, or delivered to the Department of Public Safety.  A Change of address form is in the forms tab and may be submitted for any change of information, but its use is not mandatory.

Changes of name, such as through marriage or a court decree, must be reported to the Department of Public Safety within 30 days of the change.  A copy of the document that caused the name change and a written request must be faxed, mailed, or delivered in person to the Department of Public Safety.

There is no fee and no form for updating information, and the old permit does not have to be returned.


Please see current forms on the Concealed Handguns Main Page