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Public Comment Policy

Adopted November 2013

The Council may provide an opportunity during regularly scheduled quarterly meetings for members of the public to provide comments on the issues before the Council.

Register: Public comment may be made orally or in writing.

Members of the public who would like to provide oral comments when attending a meeting in-person will give advance notice by signing on to the public comment list prior to the public comment agenda item. Members of the public who would like to provide comments when attending telephonically will, when asked by the Council Chair, announce their intention to comment.

Written comments will be accepted any time prior to the public comment agenda item and will be read into the record.

Relevancy: Questions and/or comments should be limited to agenda items or statutory responsibilities of the Council.

Agenda Item for Public Comment: Any person who seeks to address the Council will be permitted to speak only during the allotted public comment time.

Time Limits: A minimum of fifteen minutes will be made available on each regularly scheduled quarterly meeting agenda for public comment. The chair may reduce or increase the time period for comment giving consideration to the number of speakers. Speakers will generally have three minutes per person to make comment to the Council.

Repetition: To avoid repetition, groups may be asked to consolidate their comments and/or appoint a representative to speak.

Responses: The Council will not respond to particular comments as further inquiry and research may be required. Members may ask clarifying questions of the speaker. Comments may be reviewed at the end of the meeting during which comments were made, and if necessary forwarded to staff or a committee for action. If action is necessary, the matter will be taken up at the next quarterly meeting.