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Enhanced Services For Victims Of Crime

The Council on Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault is pleased to offer new funding specifically for service areas that have been limited or unfunded in the past. The purpose of the Enhanced Services for Victims of Crime grant program is to provide funding to community, municipal or tribal organizations to serve victims of crime in Alaska.

Funds available through this RFP will focus on three (3) primary areas of service:

1. Legal Assistance Services for victims of crime to assert their rights as victims in a civil or criminal proceeding directly related to the victimization;

2. Mental health counseling for children and youth through 18 years of age who are direct victims of physical or sexual abuse and/or have witnessed violent crimes; and

3. Child Advocacy Center Services (CACs) for the purpose of enhancing existing service provision in Alaska.

CDVSA FY20 Quarter 2 Council Board Meeting 

CDVSA's FY2020 2nd Quarter Meeting is scheduled for December 3-4, 2019. This meeting will be our Rural Outreach Meeting and will be held in Dillingham, Alaska.   More detail, including a full agenda will be posted on Online Public Notices (OPN) at the link below:



To join the Council Board meeting telephonically, call 1-800-315-6338, passcode 23872#.        

This is a public meeting and will include a specific time for Public Comment. To be placed on the public comment list please call 907-465-4356 or email



FY20 CDVSA Board Meeting Dates: 

  • Q. 1 = 9/25/2019 (teleconference)
  • Q. 2 = 12/3-4/2019 (RURAL - Dillingham)
  • Q. 3 = TBD (teleconference)
  • Q. 4 = TBD (teleconference)
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