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What are some of the steps required to develop a MOA?


The process begins with a series of meetings to define the goals of the agreement and the process that will be used. It may take a number of meetings to finalize the agreement, so be prepared and set an appropriate time so the meetings will not conflict with other activities. If both organizations come to an agreement to pursue a MOA, begin the process of negotiating the terms and defining the responsibilities of each party.

  1. Hold a joint meeting to assess the issues to be addressed and develop the scope of the agreement. Some questions to ask are:
    1. What are the issues that need to be addressed? Some examples are: how better service delivery can be provided, how referrals will be made and accepted, special needs of program participants and how to avoid duplication of service.
    2. What are some available options? Some examples might be:
    3. What is the goal of the agreement? What will the agreement accomplish?
  2. Devise a work plan for developing and implementing the agreement.
    1. Assign responsibility for drafting and reviewing the agreement.
    2. Create a timeline.
    3. Decide the level of detail required.
  3. Work the plan.
    1. Draft the agreement.
    2. Review and enter into the agreement.
    3. Implement the agreement

Identifying primary referral sources:

  1. Does the agency interact with potential program participants?
  2. Does the agency currently refer people to your program?
  3. Do you want to encourage the agency to start referring people to your program?
  4. Will a written agreement strengthen the relationship between the agency and your program?

How often/when should memoranda be updated?

Consider renewing a MOA when there is a change

  • in leadership in either organization;
  • in practice that effects the agreement currently in place; or
  • of organizations in the community that effects the agreement currently in place.

For more information on developing memoranda go to The Community Toolbox at