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Sample Memoranda of Agreement

Consider current partners and agencies that interact with your program participants as potential MOA signers. There is not a "must have" list. Primary referral sources for one program may be different than for another.

Samples are provided to assist programs in including essential elements in the memoranda of agreement (MOA) they establish with agencies that serve as primary referral sources. Referral sources will vary from community to community and each program must decide which agencies serve as primary referral sources. An exhaustive list is not included here. Elements required to be included in a MOA per Council regulation AAC 90.120 are:

  • the means to identify program participant special needs
  • how to assist program participants in obtaining services
  • how to avoid duplication of services provided by the other agencies
  • specification of how referrals are made, including a list of specific steps to be taken for referring

Steps in developing an MOA

How often/when should memoranda be updated?