Starting Wages (base rate, without geographical differentials, premium pay, shift differentials, standby pay factored in)

  • State Trooper Recruit
    $30.24 per hour/$62,904 a year
  • State Trooper Recruit with a Bachelor degree or higher
    $31.38 per hour/$65,268 a year
  • State Trooper Lateral
    $32.56 per hour/$67,812 a year (DOE)
  • State Trooper Lateral with a Bachelor degree or higher
    $33.78 per hour/$70,260 a year (DOE)
Laterals with more experience than one year, may qualify for significantly higher pay. To be considered as a lateral, you must be certified and work for a full service law enforcement agency. Laterals with over 10 years of experience may qualify for pay up to $40 an hour.


Vacation/Leave Accrual

Trooper pay is based upon geographical assignment. Pay rates can increase up to 60% from the base rate, depending on assignment location.

<2 years of service=14 hours per month
2-5 years=17.5 hours per month
5-10 years=21 hours per month
10-15 years=24.5 hours per month
15+ years of service=28 hours per month

Leave can be cashed in at the standard hourly rate.  For complete details see the Public Safety Employees’ Association Collective Bargaining Agreement at: